Mnemba island

One of the smallest islands in the Zanzibar Archipelago, Mnemba Island is a little slice of heaven! Privately owned, this island is only 1.5 km in diameter, but the intimacy and remoteness of the island make up for its small size. Imagine having an island paradise almost all to yourself…

Surrounded by a protected coral reef, Mnemba island offers incredible snorkeling and scuba diving experiences, as well as all sorts of water-based activities.

Swimming and Snorkeling around Mnemba corals

Seafood’s BBQ Lunch: Octopus, Lobsters, Squids, Prawns

Tropical Fruits: Mangoes, Bananas, Pineapple, Watermelon

Sometimes you might spot Dolphins, but not always

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Stone Town

Stone Town tour is conducted with an expert licensed as a local tour guide in the most requested languages to ensure you hear everything and to enjoy the beauty of Stone Town, the Icon city of East Africa.

Your guide will take you to discover the most important sites in the center of Stone Town like Freddie Mercury House, House Of Wonder, Darajani Market, Former Slave Market.

A guide will walk with you around Darajani Market and the narrow streets of Stone Town, where you will be able to randomly shop from souvenirs shops and take instagrammable photos, exploring the culture of Swahili people.

Visiting historical buildings: House of Wonders, Freddie Mercury House, Sultans’ Palace etc.

Shopping at Darajani Market in Stone Town

Experience the local Fish auction in Stone Town tour

Learn more about culture and architectures of the Stone Town

Taking amazing photos of Stone town

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Jozan Forest

The Jozani Forest is a pretty famous spot in Zanzibar and it’s easy to see! You probably will have seen pictures on different social media of travelers with cute Red Colobus Monkeys playing with them in the forest. In this 3 hours tour, you can experience it for yourself! 

This place is the only home of these beautiful creatures in the world where you can go and see them. On our Jozani Forest tour, you’ll get a chance to explore and play with these monkeys and hopefully, you will get some amazing photographs for Zanzibar memory.

Walking around the biggest forest in Zanzibar Islands

Fun time with the Red Colobus Monkey (only found in Zanzibar Islands)

See more others species found at Jozani Forest

Get more information about herbs and how we use in Zanzibar

Explore more about History associated with Jozani Forest (Flora and Fauna)

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Personal/VIP trips

Whatever you wish, whatever you dream about…..just let us know and we will prepare for you special package.

By boat:

Morning sunrise

Afternoon sunset


Special private trips to small Islands around

Dinner at Rock Restaurant

and more…..


By car:

Nightlife at Stone Town

Visit local villages and people at real homes

Food experiences in the best restaurant

Local food experiences of original Zanzibar cuisine

and more…..

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